The phrase “broken glass” carries with it a negative connotation.  As children, we are taught that glass is fragile, and if it’s broken, it can be dangerous.  Immediately, we grab the dustpan and sweep it up, yet we are so afraid of the pieces that we generally do not stop to see the shimmering iridescent beauty that occurs.  The breaks undulate and refract light in ways that cannot be duplicated by hand or machine.

This body of work explores the dichotomy between the imperfections of the fragments and the beauty that is achieved by restoring them. The body of work is comprised of abstract geometric shapes that have been broken and reassembled with the intention of exploiting traditionally unpleasant results as a springboard to entice the viewer to look deeper into the confines of the glass.  The interiors glow and refract light between the textured and polished surfaces.  This creates a new dimension inside the sculpture that could only be achieved with the medium of glass.